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SmartStar Energias Renováveis Inteligentes S.A.
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     SmartStar Service Line

  • Design and/or construction of photovoltaic, wind and hybrid plants of any size, on or off grid, and their operation/exploitation;
  • Consultancy to combat losses for Energy, Gas and Sanitation Concessionaires;
  • Implementation of Smart Grid networks, ranging from closed environments, such as Industries and Shopping Centers, to complete cities;
  • Formatting a management model remunerated for a portion of the measured savings, with the implementation of the use of renewable energy on the client's site.
  • Development of Intelligent Commercial and Industrial Centers, involving Market Place Implementation and Management, flow and security monitoring, restrooms for public environments, cleaning and garbage collection management, affinity cards and smart cards in partnership with financial institutions, among others.
  • Development, in our R&D unit in Israel, of electronic systems combined or not with information systems, tailored according to the client's needs;
  • Nationalization of technologies and development of new products, by our China Unit, as required by our client, involving all production control, import, certification (INMETRO, ANATEL, etc.) and international and national logistics;
  • Development of outsourced production lines in China for foreign manufacturers, with the related production and logistics control for exporting from China to the client's country;
  • Training (on site or online) in Energy Efficiency (24 to 300 class hours).

Execution of all projects prepared according to the requirements established by customers.

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